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Share your running experiences, feelings, runs automatically and enjoy running in a social way, regardless what you use to track your runs.

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Find the most compatible runner. Search the perfect opponent, based on their age, gender, pace and how he/she runs, their interests and how he/she enjoys running and sport.

  • Meet new runners based on social and sport performance compatibility
  • Create fun duels to see who can accumulate more km or who makes a distance in less time



Your run history, whether you have used one or several running apps or gps watches to track your runs. Achieve all Runator records and badges.

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Global Races

Participate in a collective experience where runners from everywhere in the world will compete within the same race, with the same bib number, but more time flexibility. Every global race is a different experience.

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Sync your running apps

Runator allows you to import different running apps you may have used and track your data in only one profile. You can add one or multiple apps.

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Find out how to reach the Excellence, become a member and enter in the exclusive community of Runator Excellence.