This Global Tour consists in 12 races, one each month, and only being an Excellence user you will be able to enjoy the exclusive Global Tour Runator 2018. Global Tour races have 3 characteristics that make them unique:

1. All the races are solidary: the donations will go destined to different causes, as the investigation of certain diseases, or the defense of the rights of certain groups.
2. We will have a godfather or a godmother who will also support the solidary cause and with which you can run "side by side" and compete in each Global Race. Last year, Cristina Mitre, Josef Ajram, Edurne and Pablo Villalobos, among others, joined us. Who will join us this year?
3. There will not be two equal races: they will all have something that makes them special, so we'll reveal details and surprises.

Future Races

Old Races