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The start of this tale goes back to a wintery day during Christmas of 2013. A team of keen Spanish runners had just signed up for the 2014 New York Marathon and were planning their training to make sure they were in ship-shape for race day. Understandably as the team began to get together to prepare for the coming months, questions started to arise such as; how do you train? how often? what is your predicted finished time?

The team wanted to train together (but not all in the same place) so tracking how often everyone was training and, their pace and distance was important to ensure that everyone was on target to achieve their finish time goals. They quickly realized that the majority used different running apps so this was going to be a task that even MacGyver couldn’t fix.

Instead of giving up on their team dream, they put their heads together and came up with Runator, the hub for running apps. By pulling running workouts from different running apps such as Runkeeper, Endomondo, Runtastic, Nike+, Strava, TomTom, Fitbit, Polar or Garmin; runners have all the stats from their friends at their fingertips on just one platform. Apart from creating a social environment and allowing team training across various apps, you can challenge your friends while keeping the data in one place.

Runator is a evolving project and many new features will continue making a huge growth. We are always open to hear from you, leave a feedback.


Bruno Muñoz


The strategy always carries a 42,195

Ester Villanueva


I don't want to get and accumulate kilometers, but to retain them

Francisco Frechina


I only go running if it’s to give everything I have

Daniel Gallego

iOS Developer

I go running if there is a chivito in my way

Javier Jiménez

Android Developer

There is no brake in the speed

Sergi González

Product Manager

I love defining the sprints ... of my workouts

Roger Fos

Tech Lead

The beauty of this is its simplicity

Alejandro Colomina


Running pipelines

Jaime Cuesta

Data Scientist

With more data than kilometers on the legs

Margot Capó


Communication and molletes with tomato, both indispensable 365 days a year

Cristina García


Stranger Accounts

Paloma Díez

Business Development

More than a runner, I'm an sprinter


Is Runator an app for running?

No. Runator will sync data from your app and use it to create your running profile.

Is Runator tracking my data?

Runator tracks your runs. You don't have to do anything after signing up your runs will be there and ready to compare with others and see your progress.

What happened if my app is not in the list of apps?

We want everybody to be in Runator. It's not always easy. Request via feedback to add your app and you'll get a quick response to indicate if it's viable or not.

Are you posting on Facebook on my behalf?

No Runator will never post anything unless you do it yourself. Don't worry about using Facebook as sign up method.

I don't see a run I did.

It may be many different things. The best is that you contrats us and we will work on it

I don't want a run to be public.

There is no functionality to make an individual run private so contact us for removal

Why do I have to use Runator if I can see my runs on my own app?

You should always keep checking your current app. Runator is used to compare your progress with other people. To create a runner profile. To see how other people train. To see how you are ranked among others.

I have a question but it is not here.

Contact us at support@runator.com